• 1973 Decision # 401 (b.6) of the Council of Ministers dated 07.12.1973
  • 1974 Republican Information Computing Center
  • 1999 Data Processing Center

The Data Processing Center (DPC) has also expanded its activities in recent years due to the development of ICT in our country. Today the Center’s scope of activity covers all areas of information technology.

  • Design and operation of modern billing systems;
  • Open Data Portal;
  • Development of electronic signature technologies and services;
  • Application of electronic signatures in new generation ID cards;
  • SmartPay payment system;
  • AzDataCom – management of data transmission network;
  • Unified information system for selling cellular numbers;
  • Mobile Devices Registration System;
  • Number Portability Service;
  • Development and implementation of innovative solutions and software;
  • Network infrastructure management.