Automated Communications Management System (ACMI) software is designed for multiple operation to manage many services from one single window. Besides incorporating services in various fields, the program provides a convenient way to integrate any service into a single system. Services on Automated Communications Management Information System are mainly concentrated under different groups like telephone services, mail services, internet, mobile and other groups. In addition to various services, each group also has rights management (granting), cash and the feedback modules. Software designed for the interface has been adapted for both the number of services to be increased in the future and the comfort of use. The Rights Management/Granting module provides software users with access to different modules. Provision of permits is made possible through ID cards (Personal Identification Number). Integration of identity card information is directly taken from the "Entry-exitandregistration inter-departmental automated information retrieval system”(IAIRS) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The use of e-signatures is sufficient for entry into the program. The e-signature determines and forms a special interface on which modules they can see over the access module through the user identification number.

The system also has a centralized tracking function, where all operations in the system are saved in the form of history.

All the functions, both for the number of services that will increase in the future, as well as for the convenience of use, are well though in the software that is designed for the interface. In the left panel there is a list of services available to existing groups, in the top panel there is a switch to the cashier and legal section, in the bottom panel there is information exchange section.

The project is mainly based on Microsoft technologies, and developed on, C# program language and Microsoft SQL 2012 database.

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