The Data Processing Center provides a full range of services to its subscribers in the field of development of proprietary software, Internet services, designing of web pages, development and application of integration systems, installation and support of local networks as well as consulting services in the field of information technologies.

The Center is focused on creating simple and user-friendly software and web pages in accordance with customer needs.

Billing Systems:

  • For high speed Internet services, accounting payments for services and their circulation;
  • The issuance of e-signature certificates to the public authorities, legal and physical persons;
  • Reception of payments for long-distance calls, subscription, Internet, public utilities and other services through PayPoint terminals together with Comtech LLC;
  • Reception of payments for long-distance calls, subscription, Internet, public utilities and other services over the Internet together with GoldenPay LLC;
  • Processing of long-distance and international calls;
  • Calculation of subscription fees and their circulation;
  • Processing of calls made to order;
  • Automation of the work of Central Repair Bureau;
  • Computation of service charges for long-distance, international, local phone calls, subscription fees for CDMA phones and taking into account transfers (based on the base stations);
  • Reception of payments for long-distance phone calls, subscription, internet, public utilities and other services online throughout the republic;
  • Transmission and reception of telegrams in the territory of the republic;
  • High speed remittances (money orders) throughout the republic;
  • Formation of subscription card register;
  • Calculation of fees and payments for the use of electricity, natural gas and water (based on meter reading);
  • Automation of the work of technical repair bureau on CROSS lines;
  • Automatic blocking and unblocking telephones for unpaid debt;
  • Electronic card system (BTCPA)

Application of software:

  • Inquiry-information service for "0-12-109” short messages service (SMS);
  • Processing of orders on paperless technology and creation of electronic orders;
  • Computing records of register F 130;
  • Warning of subscribers on existing debt by automatic reminder device;
  • Detection of telephones that have debt but still works;
  • Determining numbers used for long-distance calls per month, but there is no information about them in subscriber card index;
  • Tracking (monitoring) system for delivery of sent telegrams and remittances (money orders) to subscribers;