System integration solutions

System integration covers the creation of complex solutions in the field of information technologies for corporate customers, development of automated complex and harmonized systems combining the activities of business processes of a company or an organization.

System integration and complex automation of business are used today in the field of production and trade, in electronic document circulation and clerical work systems, in accounting and budget systems, accounting of sales and management process, in storehouses, banks, pharmacies, hotels and libraries, in short, for automation and systemize business procedures and activities.

As a system integrator, we quickly and accurately understand the technical needs of customer and by meeting current demands of the customer and offering most favorable solutions, we develop it as an open system taking into account for future business changes or growing demands.

Our Center is specialized in the field of systems integration and business automation and is capable to solve any solution regardless of its complexity and covers the following areas:

  • Automation of business processes of enterprise;
  • Designing and optimization of corporate information systems;
  • Ensuring information security of enterprise;
  • Licensed software;
  • IT consulting and outsourcing;