Human resources

Our human resources policy is to ensure the implementation of the objectives aimed at achieving the strategic goals set before the enterprise, ​​ through creating a team of professionals accepting their values and selecting the right balance of mutual interests. We value and develop the workers’ performance such as initiative, ability to work in a team, as well as trying to improve themselves. We provide good opportunities for our employees who have such qualities for professional and career development. The image of our enterprise depends, first of all, on the staff, including management, its professionalism and attitude to work. Therefore, we pay a particular attention to the professional and personal qualities of the staff, , as well as observation of corporate culture norms.

Our disciplined, assiduous, hard-working employees, observation of laws and regulations are features characterizing us as an exemplary enterprise of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Our enterprise has been operating for over 35 years. The average age of our employees is 30, which in turn, allows the staff to be more dynamic and creative. During these years our enterprise has made great achievements in preparation of professional experts in the field of ICT. Our goal is to train professional personnel in the development of information and communication technologies in the country and render assistance them to acquire growing new technologies. The employee-management relation in the enterprise is interactive. The management gives value to its employees, co-workers, in turn, consider the interests of the enterprise their own. We believe that our professional team is able to reach forthcoming goals.

Honoured Engineer 2
Tereggi medal 1
Master of Communication 9
Intellectual potential
Candidate of Science 3 3
Programming engineers
Higher education 104
Electronic –engineers