E-wallet PostPay to be introduced in Azerbaijan


Two bodies of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies – Data Processing Center and Azerpost LLC – have launched a new joint project called e-wallet PostPay.

The agreement signed by the sides provides for the development of an electronic payment system PostPay, including an electronic wallet, their placement in physical and virtual media, the implementation of security measures, as well as the provision of technical support at subsequent stages.

The project of the two bodies, which have a wide range of activities and extensive experience, will make a number of services available to citizens.

The main difference between PostPay and other e-wallets is that it makes it possible to both replenish the balance and carry out cash withdrawal operations in post branches and offices. In addition to payment of utility, mobile and other services, citizens will also be able to send money through PostPay even to most remote villages.

To ensure the convenience of citizens and the use of modern payment functions, PostPay will allow users to make payments using QR code. Thus, PostPay users will be able to make purchases in stores or on foreign websites simply by using the option "Payment via QR-code” in the application.

Initially, e-wallet PostPay will be available on devices running Android operating system. In the near future, owners of other operating systems will also be able to benefit from PostPay.