MCIT launches campaign for citizens with disabilities


As the level of information awareness of citizens and persons engaged in business activities in connection with the number and quality of services that are integrated into the portal E- government increase, the number of visits to the portal which is linked to the interest in these services and the desire to take advantage of them is rapidly increasing.

Taking into account of the principle of equality in the use of e-services and a great number of people accessing the portal with disabilities and physically disabled, Data Processing Center (DPC) of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies has launched a new social-orientated campaign.

For the present, the action covers only Baku city.

Thus, in order to provide equal opportunity for persons with disabilities to participate in all areas of public activities, the use of electronic services in line with their work and interests, creating necessary conditions for them to be in contact with government agencies through the portal and providing them with minimum knowledge, should be in the limelight of our society and these persons should always be covered with care.

As is known, to access to the services of the portal E-government (simplified code password, e-signature, etc.), a citizen must have a social insurance card, driving license and regular passport or the citizen should visit a registration point to go through registration in relevant order. However, in most cases, all of disabled persons do not have these documents, they are unable to go to registration points.

Thus, DPC creates a special registration department to create opportunity for equal access to the portal E-government. Citizens with disabilities who have a computer at home or tablet, access to the internet, at the same time able to work on the computer or with the help of others should fill in application form with correct data from ID card.

After that, the portal of E- government through the data base of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection will verify the disability of the citizen, and then portal employees will telephone the disabled person, visit them at home at a convenient time and provide easy code password or mobile ID to access the portal.

At the same time, they will be given necessary information on how to use the portal.

E-government is our common portal!