DPC represented at conference in Copenhagen within "Lightest" – "global reliability" project



A conference was held in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, within the framework of the project "Lightest” – "global reliability” implemented by Fraunhofer, the largest research organization specializing in European applications and programs.

Azerbaijan at the conference, which was held at the Technical University of Denmark, was represented by Director of the Data Processing Center (DPC) of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies Elnar Asadov and head of the National Certification Services Center Arif Mailov.

The conference highlighted the current status of work to be done within the project, future work, dates of presentations and development of the project. Also, discussions were held on Ethical Requirements, Concepts and Appraisals, Creation of a Trust Scheme for Open Data and other activities.

The main expectations of DPC from participating in the conference are accelerating the construction of an infrastructure for cross-border recognition of electronic signatures, at the same time, exchanging views on the creation of more efficient and reliable social services using electronic signature and studying current global situation in this area.

The participation of the Azerbaijani delegation in this conference will contribute to the digital development in our country, create conditions for strengthening cooperation and sharing experience with European countries in this direction.

It should be noted that the DPC closely cooperates with the "Lightest” experts on the implementation of reliable transactions. It should also be noted that head of the National Certification Services Center Arif Mailov was elected a member of the Advisory Board of the project in 2018.

The "Lightest” project creates important solutions for services provided by all public and private companies of the European Union and helps identify false identity cards during electronic transactions. This solution guarantees the recognition of electronic signatures on the platforms where various applications are used, and also confirms the reliability of IoT sensors and tools used in the areas of e-procurement, e-justice, e-health and the legal sphere.

The goal of the "Lightest” project is to create a global cross-domain trust infrastructure that will make it transparent and easy for verifiers to evaluate electronic transactions. Applying to different trust agencies and combining trust aspects related to identification, business, etc., it will be possible to conduct trust-based solutions for the domain.

Close relationship, economic integration between EU member states further enhances the value of the "Lightest” project.

It should be noted that the meeting of the working group within the framework of the project "Lightest” – "global reliability” is planned to be held in Baku in May this year.