The Center provides following services:

  • Creation and verification of electronic signature with the insurance of keeping secret of data of creating e-signature;
  • Preparation of digital signature certificate in papers, as well as in the shape of e-document;
  • Ciphering the data of creation and verification of e-signature in supporting key bearer;
  • Formation of the work of e-signature certificate holders and keeping their register;
  • Realization of technical support of e-signature certificate;
  • Supporting presence and urgency of data about e-signature holders and status of e-signature certificate in the center’s database;
  • Suspension and resumption of validity of e-signature certificate on e-signature holders’ request;
  • Providing possibility of access to the data on electronic signature certificates, validity of which are suspended or revoked in the register of e-signature certificates center ( by posting the said data on the Center’s website)

Notification of the customer possessing appropriate electronic signature certificate by phone, fax or email with the facts (that is known to the Center) of the authorized person which may have an impact on future use opportunities of e-signature certificate.

Formation and keeping of object identification register for electronic signature certificate, as well as registration of new identification for corporate information systems.

Consulting electronic signature certificate holders on the issues presented by the Center, such as in use of hardware, software and services, as well as use of electronic signature and certificate, assertion the authenticity of signature in an electronic document, adjustment of tools for electronic signature creation and data verification, testing and operation.

  • Installation and adjustment of hardware and software;
  • Restoration of unsuitability of ability of relevant hardware and software and diagnostics of unfitness in the places of electronic signature certificate holders;
  • Authentication of digital signature in an electronic document and issuance of certified protocol based on test results.
  • Participation in pre-trial agreements on legal importance of electronic documents, as well as in the work of the commissions formed by information systems experts and other commissions.

In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Electronic Signature and Electronic Document” the Center has the following rights:

  • To provide electronic signature services;
  • Formation of e-signature certificate of directly legal entity or their representatives and to obtain and verify necessary information for the users’ registration.

In accordance with the law the Center is:

  • to take measures to protect the security of information during certification of keys and storing the key certificates;
  • to determine compatibility between private and confidential keys during the formation of signature certificates;
  • to ensure the protection of personal data received from the user in accordance with the legislation;
  • to revoke, suspend and resume the signature certificates in a timely manner as it is provided in the legislation;
  • to verify the legitimacy of appeals regarding revocation and suspension of digital certificates;
  • to accept applications on revocation, suspension and resumption of certificates within a day;
  • to keep an electronic register of the list of documents, existing, revoked and suspended digital certificates determined by the control center.
  • to provide users with access to digital certificates and relevant electronic register through the public telecommunications channels;
  • to provide formed digital certificates during a period of time stipulated in the legislation for storage of relevant documents in paper;
  • to provide advice on questions related to electronic signature.

From technical point of view, NCSC’s functions conditionally can be divided to basic and additional functions (certificate management function).

Basic features include the following:

  • Generation of private key pair;
  • End user registration (identification);
  • Certification of the users’ public keys (process of public key certificates formation for end users);
  • Distribution of certificates (in order to provide users with access to them);
  • To provide revocation of certificates (in case of some reasons suspension or revocation of certificates in case of some reasons).
  • To provide verification of the legitimacy of the certificate (distribution of the revoked certificates list);
  • Archiving of certificates;

Additional functions include the following:

  • Key generation of the signature owners;
  • To ensure the support of non-repudiation from electronic signature;
  • Management of certificate history;
  • Time stamps;
  • Notary provision;
  • Investigation of the disputed issues.

Suspension, resumption and revocation of the certificate

After issuing a certificate the Center can suspend, resume or revoke its force in the cases envisioned in the 13th and 14th points of the Law of Azerbaijan Republic "On electronic signature and electronic document”. In this case, the Center keeps a register the changes in the position of the certificate.

Signature owner must apply to the Center with application for the suspension of the certificate, resumption or revocation of the certificate. The Center takes relevant measures in accordance with the appeal without delay, informs the signature owner about it and maintains register in the "Certificates Register” about changes made in the certificate.

In case of breach of confidentiality of signature creation data the signature holder must inform the appropriate Center during 3 (three) hours:

  • If signature creation data carrier loses;
  • If signature creation data carrier is lost and then found;
  • If there are serious doubts about leak or misrepresentation of confidential information in the information system;
  • In case of doubts or symptoms of intervention in storing facilities where signature creation data carriers are stored;
  • If signature creation data and their activation code are known to other persons;
  • When employees participated in the creation of signature creation data leave work.

In the event of violation of signature creation data confidentiality, the Center takes urgent measures for certificate revocation and changing the signature creation data. In this case, the Center informs the signature owners and free of charge provides replacement of their certificates signed with the signature creation data.