Mobile Devices Registration System

MDRS was established in the Data Processing Center (DPC) of  the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies in accordance with the "Rules of Mobile Devices Registration” approved by the decision № 212, dated December 28, 2011, of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan.Creation of Mobile Devices Registration System is in the list of events to be implemented within the framework of the Year of Information and Communication Technologies.

IMEI-numbers of all mobile devices, used in the network prior to the launch of the registration system, will be considered as registered and they will operate freely in the network.

After the launch of the Registration System, the IMEI-number of each mobile device imported into the country for private use (with SIM-card of our country’s mobile operators) should be registered within 30 (thirty) days from the date of its connection to the network.

This rule is not applied to mobile devices of country’s guests and tourists benefiting from roaming services through SIM-cards of foreign operators. To say more exactly, they are free to use devices that work with SIM-cards of other countries’ operators.

In order to organize the mobile devices registration process at the top level, the population along with the information received from hotline or web page also can get more information by calling to customer care services of mobile operators.

To display the IMEI-number of the mobile device just enter *#06# without any spaces on the keypad.

Through special web page (to be created) subscribers will be able to determine the originality of their devices by IMEI-numbers as well as get additional information.

Registration system created in the country will be connected to the "global blacklist” created by the GSM Association, and thus, it will prevent the use of mobile devices stolen in the various countries.

The purpose of mobile devices registration is: to provide mobile devices’ users with comfortable usage conditions, to prevent the import of low-quality mobile devices of unknown origin (also known to the public as a "pirate”) not meeting the technical parameters standards and emitting electromagnetic radiation harmful to humans, to increase recognition degree and competitiveness of manufacturing companies. At the same time, registration system makes it impossible the usage of lost mobile devices. Based on the request of lost mobile device’s owner to registration center the use of this device in the republic is stopped and stolen mobile device becomes a useless thing.

In addition, registration system prevents the use of mobile devices illegally imported into the country.

As noted, the Mobile Devices Registration System was established in Data Processing Centre (DPC) of  according to the corresponding decision. In this connection, a central database system was created in the DPC. At the same time, mobile operators have installed appropriate equipment matched with the central database system.State Statistical Committee and the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic were also connected to the central database system.

It should be noted that in order to address all pending issues and coordinate them with central database system the corresponding discussions were held with mobile operators and results-based steps were implemented prior to the creation of registration system.

It is encouraging that software for this system was developed by local specialists.

At present, the similar system is used in Turkey, USA, and India. There were attempts to introduce such system in Ukraine but failed. In European countries, the information exchange on stolen mobile devices is kept through common "black list”. 

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