# EVDAQAL – secure online payment system: SmartPay

13.04.2020 192

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a special quarantine regime allowing people to work remotely is applied in our country as in the rest of the world. It is known that one of the most popular services when working remotely is online payment systems. There are many local and international payment systems in our country. Although there are many systems, particular attention should be paid to security issues.

The secure and fast payment system SmartPay of the Data Processing Center of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies was developed to provide higher productivity and sustainable payment system. The electronic payment system SmartPay, which has been operating since 2016, combines a great number of services on a single platform.

• Mobile operators
• Internet providers
• Insurance services
• Landline phones
• Utilities
• Government services
• TV providers
• Antiviruses
• Banking services
• Electronic signature
• Mobile Device Registration System, etc.

There are also 12 international wallets Qiwi USD, CashU, YandexDengi, WEBMONEY CHECK,, etc. in the wallets section. You can increase the balance of these wallets by using your local visa and master cards.

It should be noted that payments belonging to Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic can also be made through the SmartPay payment system, and these payments are made only at terminals through the SmartPay payment system in the territory of Nakhchivan.

Payments for the above-mentioned services can be made through the website and terminals SmartPay in post offices covering all regions of Azerbaijan.

In a word, SmartPay is a reliable, online, secure and fast payment system for various services in a wide geographical area. The system fully guarantees the security and protection of users’ personal data.

It is worth noting that donations to the Fund to Support Fight Against Coronavirus can also be made through the Smartpay payment system.