Demand for online platform payment system SmartPay increased

06.05.2020 160

During the special quarantine regime, demand for the online platform payment system SmartPay, which is a product of the Data Processing Center of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies, has increased.

It should be noted that through this system it is also possible to make donations to the Fund to Support Fight Against Coronavirus.

You can also benefit from the payment system SmartPay, which combines many services on a single platform, through the website “”. Payments can also be made through SmartPay terminals installed in branch post offices covering all regions of Azerbaijan by approaching operators.

This payment system fully guarantees the security and protection of users’ personal data. The control mechanism provides the ability to track and instantly block fraudulent transactions and unauthorized actions that may occur in the system.

Regular monitoring is carried out by the payment system. This makes it possible to track and analyze suspicious transactions in accordance with established criteria.

There are also opportunities to prevent problems that might be caused through user’s carelessness. Thus, the user can violate the security rules without blocking his computer or mobile device, ie leaving his e-wallet open. The payment system SmartPay also provides a one-time and dynamic password system in the e-wallet to protect against this risk. The user can disable or activate this system from his e-wallet account. The settings here are intended for all types of operations.

Users are advised to register and make payments from their personal accounts in order to save payment receipts.