Online event entitled “Smart Projects at DPC” held

15.12.2020 28

As part of InnoWeek – Innovation Week 2020, an online event entitled “Smart Projects at DPC” was held, which was organized by Data Processing Center (DPC) of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies.


The event provided detailed information about the projects of the Data Processing Center, which is the operator of several smart projects of national importance, such as SmartCell, SmartPay, mutual recognition of electronic signatures between countries.


It was noted that the main goal of the development of the SmartCell (face recognition) program, implemented in cooperation with Italy’s University of Naples Federico II, is to ensure the security of personal data. The SmartCell program, which will be mainly used in the financial sector and the activities of mobile operators, is also planned to be introduced in the public and private sectors.


The system makes it possible to identify a photo received in real time with the participation of a client, with an image of an identity card, as well as sign a subscription agreement using an electronic signature.


With the introduction of this technology, it is also possible to provide video recording of the process.


But how is this operation performed using an electronic signature?


The process of issuing an electronic signature certificate by the National Certification Services Center of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies is very simple. So, using a mobile application, the face recognition process is carried out through an identity card. Based on this information, a certification request for human identification is prepared. A request for a certificate is sent to the relevant infrastructure of the National Certification Services Center. The certificate issued by the Center is accepted by the program and made ready for full use for signing documents. This entire process is carried out in a short time.


Then the event participants were provided with information about SmartPay payment system.


SmartPay payment system, which combines a number of services on single platform, is a reliable, secure and fast means of payment for various services in a large geographic area.


This payment system fully guarantees the safety and protection of users’ personal data. The control mechanism provides the ability to track and instantly block fraudulent transactions, unauthorized operations that may occur in the system.


By using the services of this processing center, citizens can make payments for government services, insurance, utilities, TV and Internet providers, banking and other services.


The next presentation was about electronic signatures.


In the digital world, electronic signatures save documentation costs, time and significantly speed up the work process.


Work is underway on the mutual recognition of electronic signatures at international level. At present, all work on the mutual recognition of electronic signatures between Azerbaijan and Belarus has been completed. A reliable third-party system was created and tests were carried out using the AzDoc document management system. Currently, the integration of the exchange of documents between the public authorities of the two countries is being carried out.


Mechanisms on technical issues and mutual recognition of electronic signatures with the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications of the Republic of Turkey are fully operational. At present, discussions are underway on the integration of document exchange between Turkish government agencies.


Note that mutual recognition of electronic signatures between states will create conditions for the development of relations between citizens, business entities and government agencies at a new level. This will allow our country to advance in prestigious international rankings. It is also important in terms of Azerbaijan’s transformation into an e-commerce hub.


Finally, a presentation was made on non-cash payments supporting contactless technology, one of the key components of smart cities.


One of the main components of a smart city is the application of new technological systems in the field of transport.


A case in point is the installation of a system that supports contactless technology in buses in Shamakhy a few months ago. This system allows citizens to make payments using any bank card that supports contactless technologies, as well as from a mobile device such as a smartphone, including a smart watch. The system, which has ample opportunities, supports both NFC technology and the ability to make payments using a QR code. It also includes functionality such as real-time payment control.


During the pandemic, the implementation of such projects reduces the level of physical contacts, supports the development of smart city projects, and also increases the level of citizen satisfaction.


Participation in the distribution of such projects in our country, as well as in the establishment of digital Azerbaijan, is not only a priority for the Data Processing Center, but also a development criterion. In the projects developed by the Center, the latest international practices are studied, national applications are developed and a high-level human potential for the digital environment is formed.