of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan




Our mission is to grow in the domestic and foreign markets and become an internationally recognized IT enterprise by providing always providing our customers with innovative and high-quality services.




Keeping up with the imperative of our time to be an Azerbaijani brand in the IT field, and create a signature for every citizen in an electronic environment.




Taking into account the importance of applying international quality standards to the needs of the state and society, we, the Data Processing Center (DPC) declare this policy in the field of quality in order to meet the real and growing customer demand based on regulatory requirements for software development and operation, creation of websites, corporate and local networks and telecommunications services.


DPC Quality Policy is part of a development strategy that reflects its role and core values.

The Quality Policy is based on unconditional compliance with the international (ISO 9001: 2015) and national standards regulating the requirements and procedures for the provision of various telecommunications services


Taking into account the wishes and desires of our customers and their financial capabilities, we undertake the following obligations in the field of quality regarding our services:


  • to be a reliable and desirable enterprise that fully meets the needs and expectations of its clients in all processes;


  • to detect possible risks in terms of quality and safety at a very early stage and prevent them by using modern technological methods;


  • to take into account the needs of end users to achieve the desired service / product quality;


  • to prepare an innovative and professional team of staff that constantly follows the team spirit and cooperative culture and innovation by enhancing the motivation of all employees with training and development activities;


  • to complete each project launched in high quality, on time, and within budget;


  • to be an exemplary enterprise with respect to the society and the environment and to have a positive impact on the national economy by constantly expanding the scope of work;


  • to take the implementation of the Quality Management System as a basis in internal processes;


  • to ensure that all employees are adequately represented in the organization's goals and objectives;


  • to adopt a participatory management approach at the enterprise;


  • constantly improve and apply the requirements of the Quality Management System with the participation of employees.


DPC management is responsible for analyzing the quality management system and constantly improving its efficiency.